25 May 1825

Richard Bevan Esq
Marine Parade
55 Brighton

Fosbury House
May 25th 1825

My Dear Charlotte,

Your husbands letter of Monday arrived this morning - it occasioned a general exclamation, What a wise Woman is Charlotte to give such good advice, & how sensible it is in Richard to adopt it - We all give you great credit in being so wise, to postpone your Tour to Scotland, for which you had been so long anxious - We can now recommend that Richard will not be in a hurry to leave a place, the air of which agrees with him so much.

We had in contemplation to set out for town in a fortnight, when it is probable that Mrs George will have to return to M[-] farm for the purpose of [-] [barely legible entry] George, who will be a[-] [barely legible entry] leaving School for the holidays - & in the expectation of meeting you and Richd in Gloucester Place - We may now perhaps stay here a few days . It will not suit your Mothers health to remain long in town, & as the family may not be removed to Belmont, it is possible (not to say probable) that one may make a trip to Brighton.

We are glad to hear that Mr Kendale did not give up his present Station as a District Surgeon in the hope of getting a better one, in wch he would have been defeated: this was my opinion & advice. It will be a good thing for him, if Kemp should employ him.

Wish our kind love & best wishes I remain, Dear Charlotte, Yours Affecty SB

My dear Rich. I had resolved that my next Brighton letter should be entirely addressed to Lottie, but your father broke out instantly on reading your change of purpose. “I will tell Charlotte myself what a wise woman I think her in the advice she has given” and I will tell you that I consider you a wise man in taking good advice when offered. I know Lottie rejected her own pleasure, for your benefit, and I dearly love her for her kindness to you on all occasions- While you feel that you are mending, is the moment to pursue your favourable habits, and if your moniter prevents your taking too much exercise, which is is [sic]  known to weaken the stomach, I promise myself the happiness of seeing you much better than when we parted, and if your patience will hold out we shall meet at Brighton. Your father has a great desire to see you both, but not to interrupt your plans, when they are likely to promote your benefit - I do so rejoice to hear that you are going on well, and I rejoice to know that Lottie will watch over your health! Yours L.B

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26 May 1825
Silvanus Bevan and Louisa Bevan
Charlotte Bevan
Richard Bevan Esq., 55 Marine Parade, Brighton