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updated 10th July 2024

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Fille de Mon Coeur (Daughter of My Heart)

Saturday, 27th July,
performances at 4:00pm, 6:00pm, & 8:00pm

Tickets £13.70 each, available on Eventbrite

See also drawing workshop, next item in the listing

Welcome to The Writer’s Mark - a company that celebrates the work of surrealist writers through the mediums of art and performance.

Fille de Mon Coeur focuses on the ‘essence’ of the famous idiosyncratic French writer Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) and his complicated relationship with actress Colette Thomas.

Colette Thomas was one of several women who was part of Artaud’s ‘daughter’s of the heart'.

Poster for Fille de Mon Coeur, featuring a photo of a mans face overlaid with a portrait sketch line drawing

This performance will be a visceral immersive experience that focuses on the last five years of Artaud’s life. Artaud spent his life subjected to many horrors; unable to have his ideas for cinema, theatre, art or radio fully realised in performance - and yet despite his suffering he had an unwavering desire to continue living.

This performance will explore through physical theatre, mime and multimedia the human behind the stereotype - the raw response through movement and at times the quiet 'little celestial poet'.

* Please note, there will be no wheelchair access at the venue.
* Explores mental health, psychosis and flashing imagery.
* Not suitable for under 16s.

Download PDF file for more information.

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The Writer’s Mark present:
Antonin Artaud - Raw instinct Drawing Clas

Saturday, 27th July, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Tickets £22.38 each, available on Eventbrite

The famous Antonin Artaud discovered his style of instinctive drawing through art therapy - join us as we embark on a live raw draw.

“Each line that I trace upon a drawing or that I write in a text represents in my consciousness a bottomless weight to lift because of the resistance of everyone’s consciousness…We are not on the real map of the world.”

Black and white sketch drawing of Artaud

Art Workshop information

Welcome to The Writer’s Mark – A Company that celebrates the work of surrealist writers through the mediums of art and performance. If you are keen to understand more about Antonin Artaud, then this is the workshop for you.


The drawing workshop will begin with an introduction to the writer, actor, artist and poet Antonin Artaud and the significance of his art work in our past, present and future. We will investigate within the work: spontaneity and emotional honesty. There will also be live performance movement that will be the discussion and focal point for some of the session and activities.

Natasha Higdon and Molly O’Neill will discuss the ‘essence’ of Antonin Artaud and his value as a theatre maker, philosopher, artist and writer. They will take you on a journey of exploration, where technical skill is secondary and access of your subconscious is primary.


All equipment will be provided and we will br drawing on the floor. If you would like to bring your own equipment this is also welcomed. No experience is needed, just an open mind and interest in Antonin Artaud.

More information and tickets here on Eventbrite.



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