About us

Welcome to The Regency Town House

The Regency Town House at 13 Brunswick Square, Hove, is a Grade 1 listed terraced property built in the 1820s as part of architect Charles Busby's 'Brunswick Estate'.

Today it is being developed as a museum and heritage centre with a focus on the architecture and social history of Brighton & Hove between the 1780s and 1840s.

Our main building at 13 Brunswick Square and its Basement Annexe a few doors away at number 10 are being restored to their former glory by our team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. 

Years of accumulated paint layers have been removed, plasterwork and mouldings have been repaired and original finishes have been analysed and recreated. This gives provides an insight into the building materials and techniques that were used in the past and allows us to keep that expertise alive today as we learn how to recreate them.

To support the restoration process our volunteers organize fund-raising events, including workshops, performances, readings and recitals. The Town House rooms can be hired for art and photography exhibitions and events such as readings, book launches, and small functions.

For information about venue hire see http://www.rth.org.uk/exhibiting-here or email phil@rth.org.uk.

Curator, Nick Tyson, interviewed on The Latest TV. 

The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust

Work at The Regency Town House is supported by The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust, a charity registered in England number 1012216.

The Trust aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of the architectural and social history of the Regency period through the development of The Regency Town House and by supporting its activities.

The Trustees are:

  • Dr Neil Bingham - Chairman
  • Ms Sarah Gibbings
  • Ms Jill Seddon
  • Ian Cross

The Honourary Treasurer to the Trust is Rupert Radcliffe-Genge, the Honourary Secretary is Nick Tyson.

Adaptive Technologies

In 1998 the Trust formed Adaptive Technologies Limited to market its website design and development skills. Since then, the company has supplied multimedia presentations, websites and ICT consultancy to major museums, galleries and tourist attractions, as well as several large public companies.