Exhibiting here

To assist exhibition organisers here are measured drawings and images of the main exhibition rooms in the Town House.

Measured drawing of ground floor rooms (576KB pdf file)

Measured drawing of first floor rooms (820KB pdf file)


Front Drawing Room

Photo of north wall of the drawing room, showing three large paintings hanging from a steel tube.

North wall with three paintings and east wall with door.


Drawing room west wall with three large sash windows.

West wall with sash windows and north wall with three paintings.


Photo of drawing room with paintings on the walls and guests talking.

South wall with fireplace.


Rear Drawing Room

Rear drawing room looking west, with view of front drawing room windows

Looking west, to front drawing room windows beyond.


Dining Room

Photo of dining room showing fireplace and display monitor above.

South wall with fireplace.


Photo showing dining room wall, with wooden frame supporting a row of black and white photo portraits.

North wall.