About us

The Regency Town House

The Regency Town House has 3 objectives:

  • Raise the profile of Brighton & Hove as a historic location.
  • Encourage the better preservation of the city's built heritage.
  • Foster a wider appreciation of Regency architectural and social history.

To meet our objectives we are:

  • Working to provide visitors with a traditionally refurbished historic home.
  • Offering a programme of events about the history and architectural heritage of Brighton & Hove.
  • Developing digital resources relating to life in the Regency period.

Use these links to find resources about The Regency period, Brunswick Town and The Regency Town House

The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust (BTCT)

Work at the Town House is supported by The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust, registered UK charity number 1012216. The Trust aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of the architectural and social history of the Regency period through the development of the House and its activities and through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. The Trustees are:

  • Dr Neil Bingham - Chairman
  • Ms Sarah Gibbings
  • Ms Jill Seddon

The Honourary Treasurer to the Trust is Rupert Radcliffe-Genge. The Honourary Secretary of the Trust is Nick Tyson.

Adaptive Technologies

In 1998 the Trust formed Adaptive Technologies Limited to market the skills it had acquired at designing and developing websites and in-house multimedia. Since that time, the company has supplied multimedia presentations, websites and ICT consultancy to an impressive list of commercial and cultural heritage clients. These include major museums, galleries and tourist attractions, as well as several large public companies.

Other Projects

Run by the Regency Town House, MyHouseMyStreet is a collaborative, community-based project providing information about Brighton & Hove's historic homes and streets.