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updated 15th July, 2021
To make it as safe as possible for visitors, staff and volunteers our Covid-19, guidelines for visitors will remain in place following 19th July 2021.

Upcoming exhibitions 2022

Logo for exhibition, it reads: emotive, public statements out of private matters

Tuesday 8th - Sunday 13th February 2022
11:00am - 7:00pm, (6:00pm on Sunday)

COVID Safety Measures & Prior Booking Requirements Apply
Free admission with booking, book here on Eventbrite

This multi-disciplinary exhibition shows the work of thirteen artists and designers, whose story telling has led them to explore their individual subjects with an emotive response. Each artist has chosen the medium with which to best tell their story; some are incomplete with more to add, and some of the stories will never reach a conclusion. What the artists have in common is that their narratives draw upon private matters which are shared as public statements.

The collective of artists and designers, some recent University of Brighton MA graduates, others, current students, have allowed their individual journeys to lead them to unpredictable discoveries and the exhibition has many themes, but they are all connected by the urge to provoke conversation about emotive topics.

The process / act of exploring individual themes has led each artist to experiment with a range of media and contexts, each searching for a way to ask meaningful questions and hopefully, to answer them. In doing so, the artists hope to open dialogue on universal issues and bring this into the public realm.

Featured artists

Alice Cathcart, Anni Axworthy, Ellen Higgins, Erin Keen, Eva Thompson, Gary Kaye, Jiating Yang, Jo Pinto, Josie Taylor, Julia Kwinto, Lois A Pawson, Maria Scard and Stephen Anderson.

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Download a PDF about the exhibition and all the artists here.


Looking back to 2021

Many thanks to all the artists and makers who exhibited here and helped to transform the Covid-gloom into a summer and autumn of texture and colour. And an especially big 'thank you' to all the visitors who came out to see the work and support the artists and the Town House. Your presence here was much appreciated!

If you missed any of the shows then use the link below to catch up, more images will be added in the coming weeks.

Previous exhibitions