'Curious Tales of the Regency Terraces'
- our very own ghost book!

Price £9.99, collect from the Town House or order from Amazon.

The author Catherine Page is a volunteer at The Regency Town House and for the past 10 years has written a chilling story to entertain guests at our Christmas entertainment.

‘…scaring people, just a little, at Christmas has become quite a habit,’ says Catherine.

Book cover featuring a black and white photo of the facade of a regency town house overlaid with a dark cloudscape

Catherine’s stories have now been gathered into a collection, illustrated by artist/printmaker Jill Vigus, edited by Bridget Whelan and Jenny Fraser-Smith and turned into a beautifully designed paperback by graphic designer Alexandra McKellar.

This talented group are all part of the volunteer team here at The Regency Town House - and what a fantastic job they have done!

Proceeds from the sale of Curious Tales of the Regency Terraces will go to The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust, the registered charity that supports the restoration of the Town House, our volunteering activities and exhibition programme.