The Regency Town House Characters

The Regency Town House at 13 Brunswick Square has a past which is mostly hidden. Census records and street directories give us little clue as to who lived here and what their daily lives were like. We have a little more information about number 10 Brunswick Square, where we own the basement, but it is still up to us to flesh out what life was like here. So we have populated the Regency Town House with characters we have invented. Some of them are ‘faction’, that is, the person existed and has some history in common with our character, but is otherwise fictitious.

These characters first walked onto the stage for the Food Festival in September 2013. They will play their roles in the future as Regency Town House inhabitants and you can follow their letters and diaries on these pages.

Introducing the characters

Mrs HankeyMrs Martha Hankey – (faction) wife of the owner of the house. (She was the wife of Thomson Hankey, who bought number 10.) She has two children: Thomson and Martha.
Letters from Mrs Hankey

Mrs VicaryMrs Elinor Vicary – Mrs Hankey’s dear friend from Tunbridge Wells. She is the widow of the late Commander Vicary and has two children, William and Harriet.
Letters from Mrs Vicary

Mrs Simpson – the cook. She is widowed and childless. She came with the household from Tunbridge Wells.
The Regency Journal of Mrs Simpson the cook


Joshua Crabtree – the stable boy. He has never been seen since he is rarely allowed inside the house but he sees a great deal.
The diary of Joshua Crabtree the stable boy