Mrs Simpson's Journal

Mrs Emma Jane Simpson – the cook.
She is not one of the gentry; her journal deals with the concerns of the ordinary person in the Regency era; and how reported history may have been seen by the majority of people. Although Mrs Simpson is a fictitious character, Cireena Simcox bases the journal around historical events after the death of George IV.

14th September 1831
The Red Woman of Cheapside

22nd August 1831
The Curse of Modern Times

5th August 1831

24th July 1831
Murder most foul

13th June 1831
Where is Celia?

17th May 1831
Little Savage

3rd May 1831
Unrest in Ireland

22nd April 1831
Of Teashops and Grandparents

8th April 1831
Family Stories

25th March 1831
Telling Stories

5th March 1831
Tea Parties

17th February 1831
The Shrinking Countryside

31st January 1831
The Slave Trade

10th December 1830
Aftermath of the Swing Riots

9th December 1830
Mince pies and silly servants

30th November 1830
The Swing Riots

11th November 1830
Food and The French

28th October 1830
Women and Education

7th October 1830
The Gentry and Marriage

27th September 1830
Mrs. Simpson's Vision

4th September 1830
Introduction to Mrs Simpson