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The Regency Town House is being restored by volunteers using money donated by visitors, our Friends Group and raised through our own activities.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Our project:

  • Aims to present the Town House as it was in the 1820s.
  • Provides access to online archives of historical records.
  • Delivers training in traditional building crafts and skills.
  • Offers gallery spaces and a venue for artists and performers.

We are a place where students and volunteers can research the history of our city to expand our knowledge of Regency architecture and society and of those who lived here in the past.

We did these things in 2022:

Installed a picture hanging system in the drawing rooms.
Presented 17 exhibitions of works by local and student artists.
Acquired chairs and tables for our volunteers to use.
Design a website to incorporate 1,000s of local history records.
Repaired flood damage to our Regency kitchen.

Our targets for 2023:

To repaint the dining room amd the halls and stairways.
Fit new lighting to the rear drawing room.
Expand our offering to local artists and amenity groups.
Develop university partnerships around science and storytelling.
Present a programme of music recitals.
Acquire a bigger, better data projector.
Launch our new website.

We really need your help to do this.

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The Regency Town House is funded through
The Brunswick Town Charitable Trust,
a charity registered in England number 1012216.