Travel plans

6 Dec 1856 - 2

Dearest Sarah,
Raymond packed[?] at yesterday.  They are all off to Hastings today – where perhaps I may join them when the details arrive - next week.

21 Jun 1834

I thank you a thousand times my dearest husband for your frequent letters. Though I shall be overjoyed to see you again in health and safety yet I would rather you should stay a night in London. Bury is a great distance from Town & you are so little accustomed to stage coach travelling that I really do not wish to see you till Friday.

15 Jun 1834

My dearest dearest Richard,

Your letter I need not say made me happier than any thing in the world could do in your absence - Our home looked so desolate when you had left it that I was quite glad to get away. I will not tell you if I am merry or sad as I wish you to enjoy yourself as much as possible now you are gone for pleasure -

8 Jul 1826

My dear Rich’d

We had the pure pleasure of receiving your letter date 26th June Lausanne yesterday- I do not reply this early to hasten your return to England as it is the wish of your Father and myself that you should feel yourself at perfect liberty to remain abroad as long as you think it will improve your health-

25 May 1825

My Dear Charlotte,

Your husbands letter of Monday arrived this morning - it occasioned a general exclamation, What a wise Woman is Charlotte to give such good advice, & how sensible it is in Richard to adopt it -

11 Sep 1824

Dear Charlotte

A double letter arrived two days ago, to which I am desired to reply - this is so sad upon me, who might with some reason say that I was discharged from service by Mrs Lady, who had no further occasion for my services.

3 Sep 1824

My dear Richd,

If I had known that the old fellows were taking wing to Brighton, I would have smuggled in a line or two, but your father is squeamish about putting regular letters into carriage baskets, so it must be an open note, next opportunity, and not a nonsense Epistle, and could a Trin, Col, Cam. smile at such trifling?

8 Jul 1824

Dear Charlotte,

Your letter of the 3d arrived on Sunday and afforded us much pleasure in the account you give us of Richards improvement in health - What does Rich. say to having given to me no reply to my letter, which appears to have been pleasing to him as he calls it complimentary.

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