Sunday, 1820s?

Mr Richard Bevan
The Rev at Sam Carters
Fersfield near 

Sunday evn

My dearest Richard,

I thank you for your letter, and assure you I had not, even in thought, once accused you of neglect, and tho’ I shall always take the greatest delight in receiving a letter from you, when you feel in a humour to chat with me freely yet I should be sorry to think that you were induced to give up a walk, or anything pleasant from the idea, that I should require you to be punctual in your replies to my epistles - I am too confident of your affection to believe you are unmindful of me, but I see you find it difficult to collect materials, and you fear to trifle - forgetting that the smallest incident as told by those we love, becomes interesting;  It is this only which recommends my letters to you for I am sure if I was to keep them one day by me, I should incline to destroy them, either because they wanted matter, or were deficient in good language but you like them and I am content if they succeed in producing a letter in return. I fear it always gives you trouble, but the habit of writing, will make it easy for you in time - your hand, is extremely improved, but do not stretch the word, and make them play at [-] [barely legible text] in the corner, to cover three sides of paper, when you incline to write but little - your father left us this afternoon to dine with Mr Galway and proceed to London with him - Robert and I have been wishing for your company - I have left him going to write to his sweetheart, but not with more pleasure than I to mind - I always envy Bobby the walk he takes with you - not however a peppering of hailstones, which you like so well that you will not provision yourself with a great coat - for this I do not commend you, and shall be glad to hear that you did not [-] [barely legible text and torn] cold which was inclined to have you - Mrs Cerjan was here yesterday, and brought her little clever boy with her - they are on a visit to the Fowkes, but she Declined to come to Riddlesworth with some future opportunity. She talks of you very much, and said she never loved any child but her own as much as she loved you in former days - I might have told her that she had no chance of an alliance with you, as you are engaged to Miss Lu - but I did not - your father is I hope minding, but he complains sometimes - Robert has told you, perhaps, that we are not to go to town till after Easter - and we hope for the honour of your company to pass a few days, as your companions will migrate, we suppose during those holidays - I know our Dicky will feast on the thought of joining us, before we leave home - Robert has also told you, that we talk of staying all the summer quietly at Riddles[wor]th but our plans are very liable to change, so you must not set your mind on rowing and fruit eating, and such homely sports – I shall send this so [-] [barely legible text] - in hopes of its reaching you by some friend

my compts to Mr & Miss Carter

all our friends in London are well

I shall come and see you when the roads are good

I am, dear Richard

your very affectionate

[Signature is torn off]


[written in pencil above address] My fathers tutor RAB

Unknown (letter torn)
Richard Bevan
Mr Richd. Bevan, [-] Revd. Sam Carter's, Fersfield near Diss