8 Feb 1825

Richard Bevan Esq
55 Marine Parade

Fosbury House
Feb 8th
sent 10th

My dear Charlotte,

I have to acknowledge your kind letter of the 1st - You seem to partake of more sunshine at Brighton than we get here where it is rather rare- The Weather has been so stormy that I was not on horse back for some days untill yesterday.

Richard’s friend Lindon is pretty well & not forgetfull of Quarter day - he came for his money on Saturday - he seems in good spirits, his Wifes Mother was kind and he is looking for a senamble [sic] for some of his money.

We have not fixed the day for leaving this solitude, but I think that we shall go on Tuesday or Thursday, and when your Gaickin is over, we shall be glad to see you in town - Elizabeth has had strict orders to get the house well aired-

I have talked to Mr Hopkins on the subject of Grapes - he proposes to practise the same method of pruning, as suggested by Mr Webb & the heaping on the glass for the hardening of the wood for another year.
Charles has had some return of his complaints since his Return to town.

I must leave a good deal of Room for your mothers jokes &c I am, ever
Yours affecty

My dear Richd,

A thousand thanks to you for your thrice welcome letter- did not Lottie smile at your flattering your Mother when, in fact she was guilty of nonsense? I know she did - this shall be a wise addition to a good pattern before me - London is the place for frolic & fun, and there I will hasten not forgetting to pack up either my Fool’s Cap, or your precious Thos.

We propose leaving Fosbury on Thursday and may reach London the same night if we fail in doing so, it will be Friday in good time - Your father is a good deal troubled with his cough & Wheezing, the stove keeps us comfortable in the house but it is too cold on the hills for him to benefit by his ride, where he has courage to venture abroad - our invalids here are many, but we hope to get them in better care before we Decamp - Thank God we have no fever to contend with - and our excellent little Cook is all alive and successful - you may therefore expect to see us in good condition - When it suits you come to us, and if you like to be before hand with us, it will gladden our faces to be received by your always agreeable faces, though Mrs Lottie does not flatter yours, nor do it justice in my estimation - Give my love to her


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11 Feb 1825
Silvanus Bevan and Louisa Bevan
Richard and Charlotte Bevan
Richard Bevan Esq., 55 Marine Parade, Brighton