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Book Sale - Could you choose: Cakes or Books?

Welcome to a New Year and a new decade. January is a quiet month at the Town House and we are determined to put the time to good use, but we need your help.

Recreating historic costume: The Regency Cook's new trousers

This is Part 1 of our guide to making a pair of historically-authentic drop front trousers for the modern-day Regency Cook.

Satinwood graining worthy of Regency times…

A beautiful change has occurred within the house over the last couple of years.

The Moon - Art, Science and Culture

What do the German Romantics, Palaeolithic cave paintings and Apollo 11 all have in common?

Diana Joll: a dear friend and supporter

Diana Joll, who passed away peacefully in her apartment at The Regency Town House on 4 October 2019, was well-know to many in Brighton & Hove.

How did our servants’ basement manage to stay untouched for so long?

We often get asked the question how our basement managed to stay untouched for so long. Well, here is the story.