What We've Been Up To. Week ending 23/03/2014

As the weather turns to spring and days are already longer, there is much bustle in the RTH. 
Nick, our Curator, is back from his overseas trip and has professed himself delighted with the progress that has been made in his absence. This includes: -
The work in the housekeeper’s room at No.10 mentioned last week.

Mikes 7th blog: - electrics in basement with EXTRA help.

I was given the email address of George - a new volunteer - who is willing to give practical help with the wiring of the basement at the RTH. After the exchange of a few emails I met George who is going to help Bilby and me with the basement wiring.
I explained to George the project as outlined on a drawing we had. I talked him though what I had in mind and how I was going to get it done.

What We've Been Up To. Week(s) Ending 14th March

The dearth of information over the last weeks has not been caused because of a lack of progress at the RTH.  Lack of news has been due to the fact that moving, sourcing furniture and appliances,  and waiting for workmen has taken up much more of my time than it should have –  and no internet connection has yet been installed in the building to which I have moved. It would be rather comforting to think that the entire world came to a standstill due to this momentous move, but it palpably did not. And  so: -

6th Blog, doing the electrics in basement of No. 13

I have bought some washing-up liquid, and as advised we used this to lubricate and ease cables further along in one of our power point drops.  It worked well.
We then moved to the other side of the room so as not to hold up the plasterers, Paul and Cireena.
We cut out box holes for another power point and also our 3 gang light switch. We then chased out the grooves for cable drops. It looks likely that the  flints that are in the wall will give us a bit of a challenge.  We may have to partly grind these out next week, or modify our conduit drops.

5th blog and Mike gets to meet a bungeroosh wall

We now have some oval conduit and metal boxes on site. 

Bilby and I attempted to get two cables though a 20mm oval conduit for a drop to a powerpoint. It was a real struggle, so we then decided we would put only one cable in one conduit.

We started to cut a recess in the plaster for the first metal box. It was easy to cut away the soft lime plaster, then we met our first flint in the bungeroosh wall. We set the box in as deep as we could. Bilby then cut out a groove for the oval conduit drops to be fixed in the groove next week.

Blog number four from Mike

This week we put in place a cable drop needed for the last power point on the ring. We checked the quantities of items needed to install the ring main cables into the walls in the training room. The two cellars are to be wired in conduit on the surface. The clearing out of both cellars is required.

I visited Wicks and ToolStation and found that Wicks have more of what we require.

We are also starting to think about the switching of the lights in the entrance corridor to the training room, what is shown on our drawing does not seem to be the best option.

Mikes third blog

Bilby and I had a bit of a breakthrough this week. We managed to trace ALL the wires for the power points. We diverted one cable and pulled in another cable that had been missed out.

I have bought a cable-tracker and it was a lot quicker than using just a multimeter. We connected the wires to form a ring and tested, all seems OK. Next we have to install conduit and then sort out the light circuits.


What We've Been Up To. Week ending 16th February

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 16/02/2014

In spite of threatened railway line closure and disrupted travel plans, the proposed visit to the British Library successfully took place on Wednesday

 Entitled Georgians Revealed, the exhibition we went to see is one that would interest many Brightonians: it opens up aspects of the same society whose enthusiastic migration and visits established Brighton as one of the most popular venues of the Regency period.

2nd blog from Mike

We are having another go at identifying cables in the basement of No13.

After the volunteers' meeting, Bilby and I tried to find out where the cables for the power points go to and from.

Volunteer Mike's first blog entry

Hello, I'm Mike, and I have volunteered to give practical help at The Regency Town House in Brunswick Square. I am retired and I have done electrical work in the past.

I have offered to help get the electrical lighting and power installed in the basement of number 13. It will all be done to a high specification and will be fully tested when all is done. When the main room is finished it will be used for training purposes.


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