15th What We’ve Been Up To. Week Ending 08/06/2014

This last week we were joined by a 16 year old schoolgirl in the office. Kimberly is in Year 11 and chose the Town House to be her work experience venue. (Perhaps because her mother is one of our volunteers?)  She became so involved with all that goes on here during her week with us, that she is going to come and volunteer in school holidays. Which just goes to prove that there are no limitations of age or experience imposed upon our volunteers.

Still wondering what on earth you could do as a volunteer? Just come along and join us: - you’ll soon find something.

We all were happy to welcome Darren, who is a plumber, to our midst. The large kitchen space at the Annexe at No.10 has been used for a number of events, but the big drawback has been the lack of plumbing.  So, though Darren may not yet be aware of it, many of us are hoping that he might hold the key to resolving this problem.

As has been mentioned before, summer is the time when many interns come from overseas to work at the Town House. It was very gratifying, therefore, to have one of those interns, who has landed a part-time job here in England, change her status from ‘Intern’ to ‘Volunteer’.

We have, for a long time, offered tours of the Town House along with the history of  this house and the opportunity to see exactly how a project like ours works. But last Sunday we gave the first of what we have dubbed our ‘Tea and Tours’ afternoons. A group of women from the W.I. were treated to a tour of both our spaces (both No.13 and the annexe at No. 10); a tea of home-made cakes and goodies; and a talk from Becky and Gilly – our seamstresses – concerning Regency dress. Another Tea and Tours group is coming on Tuesday.

Now this might interest some people – whether they are thinking of volunteering or of enhancing their skills in any work environments. During the next two months BHT will be running some courses integral to personal development. These are: -

Personal Effectiveness
Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Supporting Volunteers
Thursday 10th September 2014

Presenting with Confidence
Thursday 11th September, 2014

Client Involvement
Wednesday 24th September 2014

Full details can be found here:- http://www.bht-training.org.uk/

Finally: if you haven’t found us on FaceBook yet please do go and have a look.  And press the ‘Like’ button? The more people who do this, the more exposure The Regency Town House will get.

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