What We've Been Up To. Week ending 12/04/2014

Something we discovered last week to our delight was that, at The Keep, there is a comprehensive archive concerning The Regency Town House.  

The Keep is proving to be a wonderful resource and anyone who hasn’t yet discovered it would benefit from a visit.  Unfortunately, not many bus drivers seem to know about it, so if anyone is taking public transport stick to a 25 bus: the driver of that service will let passengers know where to get off.
Don’t forget the Film Night being held tomorrow evening (April 16th) – there’s been a lot of interest so don’t miss out.
The anniversary event held in the kitchen of No. 10 last Saturday went off very well and the finished room looked sensational.  So much so, that a visitor to the last day of the art exhibition held at the RTH is already thinking about using the same space for her own wedding party.
Our regular tours of the RTH which continue all through the summer, have re-commenced.  Curator Nick  led the first group around and, as usual, imparted a wealth of information not just about the RTH but concerning the Regency period in general.
Another volunteer is trying his hand at blogging in this space now. His first posting - which appears below this one - gives an interesting insight into what his experiences at the RTH have involved and how they have led to his learning different skills.
As the RTH has recently become part of the Heritage group which deals with children and young person’s education, we are starting up a new think-tank. The purpose is to come up with ideas on how to cater for smaller visitors than those which make up the bulk of those who visit us.  If any of our Friends have any old soft dolls they would like to donate (such as can be dressed in Regency clothes)it would be greatly appreciated.
For information concerning this project, go to:
Once again we started off our last meeting with an introduction to two new volunteers: Olive Topguology and Joe Williams.
Olive is a Purchasing Officer so there was a niche awaiting her in one of the newly formed work streams mentioned last week. This stream, presided over by a newly-appointed Clerk of Works, will ensure that everyone now has a central point through which to order resources needed for various projects. With Olive’s years of experience it is expected that there will no longer be delays in projects while people wait for materials or resources.
Joe’s field has always been in Heritage and Museum work so he was welcomed with open arms in this Heritage listed building.  His expertise with archiving work was immediately called into play by another new work-stream who will dedicate their time to archiving the multitude of resources compiled by the RTH.
We have been lucky lately to have had people with academic experience joining us.  However,  a slight imbalance is appearing,  and more practical ventures need some more pairs of hands.  One needn’t have any knowledge of history, architecture or research to come and join in: simply a willingness to get grubby occasionally. An added bonus is that people tend to pick up knowledge almost by osmosis and get to make some wonderful friendships.
 Think about it: there’s always a need for volunteers.
Finally: - enjoy the Easter break everyone and please,  take care on the roads over the long weekend.

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