Volunteer Mike's first blog entry

Hello, I'm Mike, and I have volunteered to give practical help at The Regency Town House in Brunswick Square. I am retired and I have done electrical work in the past.

I have offered to help get the electrical lighting and power installed in the basement of number 13. It will all be done to a high specification and will be fully tested when all is done. When the main room is finished it will be used for training purposes.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week ending 10/02/2014

The current rotten weather has made those of us at work in the RTH fully appreciate how much the changes in coal prices during the Regency must have affected householders: our beautifully high ceilings and large spaces have given us quite a taste too of how useful  layers of petticoats, stockings, flannel and wool must have been.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week ending 03/02/2014

It’s always rewarding for a volunteer organisation to welcome a new recruit, and this week has seen four new people at the weekly Volunteer’s Meeting – while another is going to start this coming week. Curator Nick is extremely happy that one of these new volunteers is an electrician for whom there are a number of projects already waiting.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 25/01/2014

This has been rather a satisfying week at The House. The highlight for many will have been the field trip up to the historic Reform Club in Pall Mall, London, as guests of Elaine Fear.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 18/01/2014

One of the most encouraging things about the start of this new year 2014, is that there’s been a surge of people volunteering their help, time and expertise to the Regency Town House – which is rather heart-warming for all of  us.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 11/01/2014

From time to time returning visitors to the RTH (Regency Town House) look around themselves at the various rooms that are open to the public and ask, “But what do you actually DO here? This room doesn’t seem to have changed since last time we were here.” And it probably hasn’t.


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