14th What We’ve Been Up To. Week Ending 01/06/2014

It was a rather misty farewell to our German intern Karolina, this week.  During her time here Karolina has involved herself in many aspects of the various projects going on in the RTH and has displayed a high degree of efficiency and  enthusiasm for them all. Most amazing of all, during her three months with us, she didn't have a grumpy day even once! She and her boyfriend are currently touring England together for two weeks before returning to Germany.

·         But, in the way of these kinds of goodbyes, Karolina’s leave-taking was matched by the welcoming of some new volunteers. The first of these was David, a computer expert who, while perhaps not regularly attending meetings, will be on hand to give us a hand...so to speak. Next was yet another Paul.  As we clarify which particular Paul we are referring to by the use of nick-names, our latest Paul will be known henceforth as Paul the Fourth. Nick our Curator, now has two namesakes: The first is Young Nick who has come to help with the plastering and has shown his willingness to turn his hand to other things as well. The second Nick has joined to help with archiving and creating a reference area in the basement.

·         Sarah Dry,  researcher and writer, has discussed the idea of having the book launch for her most recent book at the RTH.  Sarah’s book concerning Marie Curie was well-received and  she brought the same kind of researching and writing skills to her book about Sir Isaac Newton.  The date for the launch of her latest book on colour theory is set for June 24th. Details will follow on this site.

·         The Regency Town House, which is involved in so much historical research and web-based data projects, receives no funding as most of you will know. We would like to appeal to anyone who has the time, and the experience in professional fundraising, to come and donate their skills. This is a vital role in any project that relies on volunteer output, so help in any form would be greatly appreciated.

·         Our sewing team, (all two of them) are coming along famously with the first of the two Regency costumes for the RTH.  Previously, we’ve had to hire costumes for presentations. But now Gilly and Becky who have done a lot of research in textiles, fashions and in various methods employed throughout the Regency have started to provide us with our own.  When not in use, these authentically formed garments will be on display at the Town House. Becky has provided photos and commentary on the process and, upon completion of the first two garments, this information will be put up on the RTH site.

·         As well as being a skilful needlewoman Gilly is one of the mainstays in our organisation – indeed, she was voted Volunteer of the Year for 2013.  As well as cleaning, tidying, stage setting, cooking, sanding, shifting furniture and knowing where everything is, Gilly does many other vital things for us all.  However, as we grow, so do her responsibilities. So Gilly desperately needs an assistant.  Anyone who is interested in what is never a boring job, and could spare some time each week, is asked to contact the Town House.


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