Notes from an Insider

Unaccustomed as I am to blogging I have been hesitant to start but, having enjoyed the weekly 'goings on' from Cireena, now seems a good time to give it a go.

In the bleak mid-winter

Perhaps December wasn't the best time to start, but when I first walked through the front door I immediately became captivated.

This was my first serious venture into volunteering and I wasn't going to refuse the offer and opportunity to play a part in helping with the restoration of such a grand old historic building.

After my initial meeting with Nick, the Curator, I came away feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the scale of the project. However, undeterred, I quickly began to settle in and, after receiving such a warm welcome, felt comfortable being part of the volunteer team; although the team was few in number at that time.

Everyone was anxious to get going on something but, for the following few months, having suffered the wettest winter on record, there was little to achieve.

This period was what I like to call my time of 'discovery'... when I began delving into books and learning about not only the history of the Town House but also Brighton and the Georgian and Regency periods... fascinating stuff.

Getting there

Much progress has since been made, with numerous research projects ticking away in the background and some of the manual work well under way below stairs.

Thankfully, spring is now truly upon us and I can happily look ahead to seeing the various stages of each project reach completion.

From those early days of starting as a Practical Helper I have gained some invaluable knowledge, useful skills and practical experience through becoming involved in various projects, such as the Housekeeper's Room at No.10.

It's gratifying to finally see this room take shape.

Three cheers for the volunteers!

Despite the occasional frustrations there have been some memorable moments and laughs along the way (long may the laughter continue) and I must say that I wouldn't be making and enjoying this curious journey if it wasn't for the friendliness, encouragement and enthusiasm that's been shown.

What lies ahead?

It's a good question and one that I will answer simply:-

Although completion of The Regency Town House may at times seem unimaginable, I know that regardless of how much more of my time I spend here, I can enjoy the reward of having made some contribution towards its development; and that a part of me will always remain.

I shall soldier on and hopefully, one day, get to see the cooking range burning!

Do I believe in ghosts?

Well, I have to confess that when working alone in the basement at No.10, I half expect to see the ghostly figure of a servant drifting down the corridor.

If one does appear I'll ask if they could give us a helping hand with some of the domestic chores.

End note

When out socialising or even talking to strangers, a quick way to liven up any conversation is to just throw in the subject of the RTH or 'What the Georgians did for Brighton'... a winner every time!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some important work to do.

Thank You!

Paul C.

Teaser: where was the 'Jericho House'?


 “The manor of the priory of Blackmore lyes by the Church and be called Jericho most of it is pulled down & new built under the foundations … they dug up bones & found a coffin of lead about a yard away full of … bones." ?

Wow! Thanks for setting me on the trail, Paul.

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