What We've Been Up To. Week ending 23/03/2014

As the weather turns to spring and days are already longer, there is much bustle in the RTH. 
Nick, our Curator, is back from his overseas trip and has professed himself delighted with the progress that has been made in his absence. This includes: -
The work in the housekeeper’s room at No.10 mentioned last week.
Greater progress made in the basement of No. 13 now that we have not just one, but three persons involved in the electrical work there. This has come about because of the arrival of a new volunteer; and also from one of the usually computer-oriented volunteers turning her hand to something more physical.
Mike studies the electrical plans for the basement.
The success of the Bric a Brac sale last weekend.  Not only was money raised but great interest was shown in the RTH project and several people inquired about the possibility of volunteering.
Yvonne models a home knitted jumper at the Bric a Brac sale.
The work done on the skylight in the kitchen of the RTH.  This is of great importance as the area has not been completely weatherproof despite a large tarpaulin (which severely limits the light). If the weather allows, the glazing of this area will be completed by the end of the week.
All the walls in the same area have now been plastered.  The final coat will be done once all the electric cables and switches are in place. In the meantime Paul, the plasterer, has been able to replace all the lathes in the skylight which has contributed to the completion of the skylight project.
Paul and Cireena plastering in the basement.
Currently in the RTH there is an exhibition of the work of Harry Adams described as a “large, four panel work in oil, charcoal; and beeswax encaustic.” In the brochure provided by Isis is the intriguing information that the title of the display –‘The Impossible Garden’ – refers as much to the world of fantasy as does the name ‘Harry Adams’: -  “Harry Adams is a fiction, a construct, of friends Adam Wood and Steve Lowe.” Adams’ work has been hung in both the dining room and the drawing rooms which complement the paintings very well.  Isis Gallery was pleased with the turnout last weekend and looks forward to as many again this coming weekend. For more information go to: - http://www.isisgallery.org/forthcoming_exhibitions/the_impossible_garden...
In case anyone has missed it: the popular Film Nights will be held on the 2nd and the 16th of April.  Once again, please book in advance.
More on the subject of bookings: Nick will be  providing more RTH tours over the Spring and Summer.  Anyone who hasn’t yet been on a tour and profited from the wealth of information provided by our curator might like to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn more.
The RTH has joined other museums such as the Toy Museum and the Air Raid Shelter in the Heritage programme aimed at school pupils. The programme was launched last week at the Pavilion and was attended by all the member groups, as well as teachers and staff from local schools. The aim of the programme is to give students greater access to the wealth of history represented in and around the city in which they live.
(From left to right) Clare, Bilby, Kay and Tara at a planning meeting.

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