Lobby and hall

The entrance to a typical Regency house would be designed to impress guests and the vibrant green oil based paints originally used in the Regency Town House would certainly have given a striking first impression.

Above: Stained glass window in the hall of 13 Brunswick Square.

This decorative scheme was later replaced with a more traditional Georgian finish consisting of a plain overpaper decorated and ‘blocked’ to produce the appearance of stone or marble slabs. This was carried though the lobby and landing areas to the top of the house. As many Brighton houses had this ‘trompe l’ oeil’ effect in their hallways there was little attempt made to disguise the fact that it was imitation.

As both colour schemes date back to the early years of the house’s occupation either would be acceptable as an accurate restoration. It was decided to reinstate the green as this reflects the original choice and because it provides a useful demonstration of the more dramatic and bright colours often favoured in the late Regency period.