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What We've Been Up To. Week ending 30/03/2014

Sadly, this week saw us bidding farewell to three of our volunteers at the RTH.

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 23/03/2014

As the weather turns to spring and days are already longer, there is much bustle in the RTH. 

Mikes 7th blog: - electrics in basement with EXTRA help.

I was given the email address of George - a new volunteer - who is willing to give practical help with the wiring of the basement at the RTH.

6th Blog, doing the electrics in basement of No. 13

I have bought some washing-up liquid, and as advised we used this to lubricate and ease cables further along in one of our power point drops.  It worked well.

5th blog and Mike gets to meet a bungeroosh wall

We now have some oval conduit and metal boxes on site.