Population data

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Burial Record 1813-1846
22,284 lines of records, 2.3MB file

Census Return 1841, 1851
16,374 lines of records, 9.3MB file

Census Return 1861, 1871, 1881
31,221 lines of records, 7.6MB file

Census Return 1891, 1901, 1911
26,220 lines of records, 6.5MB file

Electoral Roll 1855, 1865, 1876, 1886, 1896, 1906, 1915
98,111 lines of records, 6.2MB file

Electoral Roll 1921, surnames A-L
92,560 lines of records, 6.3MB file

Electoral Roll 1921, surnames M-Z
70,627 lines of records, 4.8MB file

Street Directory 1822-1900
40,772 lines of records, 3.9MB file

Street Directory 1901-1930
50,551 lines of records, 4.8MB file

Street Directory 1931-1974
39,780 lines of records, 3.7MB file

Streets so far listed:
Blenheim Place, Bread Street, Chapel Mews, Charles Street, Cheltenham Place, Church Street, Clarendon Place, College Street, Cross Street (Hove), Crown Street, Dean Street, Dorset Gardens, Foundry Street, Frederick Gardens, Frederick Place, Frederick Street, George Street, Gloucester Lane, Gloucester Road, Hove Villas, Jubilee Street, Kemp Street, Kensington Place, Kensington Street, Little Western Street, Lower Market Street, North Place, North Road, Over Street, Pelham Square, Pelham Terrace, Port Hall Street, Queens Gardens, Robert Street, Rock Street, Spring Gardens, St Georges Mews, Stone Street, Sydney Street, Tichborne Street, Tidy Street, Trafalgar Lane, Trafalgar Terrace, Upper Gardner Street, Upper Market Street, Ventnor Villas, Vine Street, Waterloo Street, Western Street.