09 May 1825

Richard Bevan Esq
Marine Parade Brighton
May 9th [1825]

My dear Richd, Fosbury May 9th

I must provoke you to give me a letter be it ever so concise, for I am looking out sharp at breakfast hour, and your father would murmur if I did not sound in his ear that no news was good news - Mrs Favell writes me that Louisa was much gratified by your letter on the subject, I suppose of her approaching marriage - I forget whether I told you that it was to take place, the end of June - your father seemed a little troubled that she has not made choice of a man in a higher station for son David rather thinks that Mr B’s fortune is moderate - Favell is silent beyond saying that he is a very agreeable man, Louisa’s reply to you, may tell you something of their plans - Mrs Georges company makes me much gayer than perfect solitude and little Lou is a precious child, I love her dearly,  she is so good and so affectionate. I have been out of the (house – crossed out) gates once made Mrs Beckinham a visit, and heard her tell of her goodness, and how she admonishes those who are not active - Oh! come quickly, that you may be set right - I could have told her that you dug the ground which is nourishing many cabages I like to view it, and think of you.
N.B noni for Buss! Leader has got near £50 by his wife’s father - he has visited here for his quarter year bounty – your taxes are paid, carriage &c - Mrs George is treated with my musical Box every day, and does not at all dislike it. I continue to enjoy it myself - I am ashamed that Mrs James should choose unwisely- we are too far off to make our usual kind enquiries, or her kitchen maid ought to have had a place in our mind, on the score of ’Love me, love my dog’. So dear Lottie is industrious as usual - give my love to her, I shall not divide my letter to each apart I have been poorly but I ate a better dinner yesterday, and hope to increase in strength, as the weather will allow me to be more abroad - we have had much rain, and three following nights thunder & lightening in the last week.  I should like to hear in your letters how poor Adrienne Gordon goes on in recovery of lameness - a mind capable of feeling must feel for her - Have the papers informed you that Sir ‘Rob’ Buxton has now added Jacob to Buxton - Sir R Jacob Buxton Jacob - does Lady Jacob sound melodiously, is it not a little Jewish? What can the inducement be?  I have written this letter by scraps, but have not obeyed your order in being merry - my difficulty would be (if I made the attempt) to be merry & wise
Farewell L B

Mrs George sends her very kind love - your father is pretty well - my letter will not set out, I fear, to day being Monday.
Pray mention your health particularly when you write
your letter was received the 10th and it [-] [-] [-] thanks

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11 May 1825
Louisa Bevan
Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan Esq., Marine Parade, Brighton