21 Jun 1834

I thank you a thousand times my dearest husband for your frequent letters. Though I shall be overjoyed to see you again in health and safety yet I would rather you should stay a night in London. Bury is a great distance from Town & you are so little accustomed to stage coach travelling that I really do not wish to see you till Friday.

18 Jun 1834

My dearest Love,

I have just had the happiness of receiving your letter. It is a great comfort to me to know that you have performed your journey northwards safely. I trust the same gracious God who has thus far protected you will bring you back to your home in peace. I hope dear Bess is better.

15 Jun 1834

My dearest dearest Richard,

Your letter I need not say made me happier than any thing in the world could do in your absence - Our home looked so desolate when you had left it that I was quite glad to get away. I will not tell you if I am merry or sad as I wish you to enjoy yourself as much as possible now you are gone for pleasure -

26 Aug 1825

My dear Lottie,

My promise must be fulfilled but where the theme is to come from I know not, the subject uppermost in my mind must be withheld, lest it should wound the feelings of those I dearly love- but I may multiply good wishes, that the advantage gained by the proposed excursion may far outweigh the inconveniences attending it and...

3 Sep 1824

My dear Richd,

If I had known that the old fellows were taking wing to Brighton, I would have smuggled in a line or two, but your father is squeamish about putting regular letters into carriage baskets, so it must be an open note, next opportunity, and not a nonsense Epistle, and could a Trin, Col, Cam. smile at such trifling?

27 Aug 1824

Dear Charlotte,

Your letter arrived in course and gave us a good account of your husbands health.  I dare say that he found himself refreshed by the sight of the ocean of which you have so good a view from your Residence in Burling...

21 Aug 1824

My dearest Rich'd

Your letter is received it was directed to me but instantly taken away, on the glimpse of "dear Father" seen by black eyes, peeping over my shoulder! when redeemed it was a treat;

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