3 Aug 1829

Richard Bevan Esq
Tonbridge Wells

I have altered the word Ten to Five in my father’s order to David.

Witness Mary P. Bevan,
Rougham 3 Aug

Dear Richard,

My father has certainly the happiest art of getting himself out of a difficulty, as well as of helping other people out of theirs. Perhaps I ought rather to have written to him to express my gratitude for his kindness to me & my flock. But I hope you will express what I feel for his goodness as strongly as possible. I am sure if he had seen my wife’s tears at hearing of it, he would have acknowledged one thankful heart at least among us. We dined with Rakes on Saturday, & I hope we shall meet with no difficulties. Hanbury submitted to the conditions, wch I proposed to him, tho’ not with a very good grace, & is to be admitted to a small share, without succession to a son.

I am not willing to think that many of my brothers, affluent as they are, would grudge me this assistance from my father - at least [crossed out] I may rejoice that there is one at least who does not, & to him I feel very grateful for his liberal conduct.

My best love to my kind hearted father & dear mother, as well as your wife. Believe me

Yours very affectly Robert Bevan

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Woundstem also cures g’rease and chilblains -
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4 Aug 1829
Robert Bevan (brother of Richard)
Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan Esq., Tunbridge Wells