Building trades assistant

We regularly have expert tradespeople working with us to repair the Town House. Often we need assistants who can undertake the set-up, support work and take-down activities associated with their activities. This provides a great opportunity to gain some basic skills in the various disciplines they share with us.

If you join us we will do our best to offer you a sound introduction to traditional craft practice and provide you with the means to learn about aspects of building maintenance as you work alongside experts.

Some of our volunteers have used this activity to settle upon a particular building discipline that they have then pursued through to a professional standard, others are happy to learn about a range of activities, while one or two have joined us specifically to learn about a particular skill they need for home maintenance. At present, several volunteers are involved with the cleaning of ornamental plaster decorations.

You need:

  • Ability to follow instructions
  • An eye for detail
  • An interest in working within a historic building environment
  • Generally good health