Volunteer opportunities


We need help from budding scriptwriters and researchers.  VisAge is an exciting augmented reality project based on the history of Brighton and we need to bring it alive. Researchers are needed to find pictures of people and places, discover their stories and write dialogue for our characters in history - you can record some dialogue for us, too.

Web editors

Keeping the Town House alive in the world needs regular attention to our websites and social media.  We need people who know how to make use of the media and can write copy and edit.


Plan communications with our Events and PR Champions to bring us and our events to the front of Brighton and Hove minds.  You’ll need to have clear ideas, be organised and be great at getting things done.

Trades people and willing helpers

The process of conservation and restoration takes skill and time.  We need trades people of all sorts, especially plasterers and we need willing helpers.  You would learn some specialist techniques as well.  We also need people who are willing to learn to help in this process.  You’ll only need old clothes: we supply the rest.


We need our Friends and we need supporters and funds to carry out our work.  Our volunteers are willing to work hard but we want someone with real expertise to lead our efforts.

Data research and collation

Some of our projects require data to be researched and input into a major database.  The job is a combination of basic research and input and, after training, can be done at home if you have access to a computer and the web.  This research is the vital foundation of some of our large projects.

Other opportunities

There are always a wide range of basic tasks that need doing at the Town House and specialised projects that require volunteers. Although opportunities change with time, we are always interested in people who can assist with basic office maintenance, the writing of articles and the design and production of web pages. Equally, we are keen to recruit IT professionals to assist us with website development (especially if you have a knowledge of Drupal).

Please email office@rth.org.uk if any of the above appeal.