Exhibition of textile artwork

Logo for Brighton Fashion and Textile School, with the name Sara Cook in white lettering on coloured circles.This exhibition is a display of vibrant and imaginative textile artworks, brought to you by the students of the Brighton Fashion and Textile School, where their City & Guilds accredited course is led and inspired by the founder of the school, Sara Cook.

This will be the third time that we have had the pleasure of hosting the textile school. I personally look forward each year to the dazzling display of intricate thread-work they bring to the Town House.

The exhibition was planned for July 2020, but the closing of the Town House due to the Coronavirus outbreak has caused the exhibition to be rescheduled to September 2021. The plan now is for it to run for three days from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th September, inclusive.

The exhibition will be across two floors of the Town House and admission will be free. Please make a note of the dates and do try to get along to see the work of The Class of 2020/1. In the meantime, please enjoy this virtual show of textile artwork from previous exhibitions.

Bridget Corry, Ginko Basket


Carol Eremin, Hidden


Alison Livesley, South Downs - May


Gail Soupouris, The Sussex Downs Through the Seasons


Jeni Knowles, Flowers in Art Nouveau


Janis Simmonds, 3D project, Can't See the Woods for the Trees


Kerry Crofton, Walthamstow Marshes


Hilary Manson, Hopi Markings


Kelly Cheesley, Make Good Feel Good No.1


Kelly Cheesley, Trouble in Paradise - miniature wall hanging


Pauline Buchanan, Dance Abstraction


Debbie Arnold, Perfectly Imperfect


Jane Spedding, Miniature Quilt


Jane Spedding, Wool Felt and Dimensional Stitching, experimental sample


Linda Byatt, experimental samples


Linda Byatt, Fibonacci in Red


Freda Townsend, course work samples


Tina Persuard, experimental paper lamination sample


Sara Cook, Grey Line Bojagi


Sara Cook, Single Layer Bojagi


Sara Cook, the Highland landscape commision,Two Layer Bojagi


Sara Cook, Two Layer Bojagi


Rose Wildsmith wearing her patchwork dress with fellow student Kelly Cheesley


For more information about Brighton Fashion and Textile School see their website at http://brightonfashionandtextileschool.com/.

We'd love to hear what you think about the exhibition. Please comment, praise or criticise, but abusive comments will not be published.


While the Town House is closed we struggle to meet our running costs,
if you have enjoyed this online exhibition and would like to support what we do, please make a donation here.

More virtual exhibitions and events.

Be safe, keep well, we hope to see you when the Town House reopens.


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