Winning an Award! 29/06/2014

The Regency Town House has won a national award!

The Heritage Open Days Awards ceremony was held on Monday evening at the Freemasons Hall in London. A crowd of volunteers all went up to cheer on Nick, our Curator, as it was announced we had won in the ‘Innovative Minds’ category. The awards relate to the ways in which various historical associations celebrate the Open Door weekend and the activities they arrange. It was such things as our ‘Graffiti Tour’ that came to the attention of the organisers and we intend to keep our edge for the coming year.

On Friday three of our interns finished their time with us and left to return to France.  Ombeline and Marine were rather shy when they first arrived and were extremely hesitant to initiate conversations in English.  It was great progress then that, by the time they left, not only had they overcome this reluctance, but were able to both make and understand jokes in English. Nicolaus was the guy who was always ready, and happy, to help out wherever wanted, at times this just amounted to providing some muscle needed to fetch and carry.  So goodbye and good luck to the Strongman, and to Ombeline and Marine. The office seems somewhat depleted this week.

Jilly and Becky, who are now becoming used to the making of Regency clothing, have been invited to Worthing to view the costume collection at the museum.  Worthing Museum is known for its clothing collection and both women are very pleased to be able to have this opportunity of a ‘backstage’ look through the items stored there

Keep in mind, too, that our own Silhouette Exhibition will be open from August 1st until September 14th.

On the restoration front, it’s very pleasing to note that the Housekeeper’s Room at No. 10 is at last ready for its final coat of paint.  Apart from one shutter and a cupboard door, the entire room could be ready to use in a very short time once the restored floorboards are put in place.

We are also making progress with our plans to start having school parties visit the Town House as part of the Heritage Learning Initiative. On July 9th we will host a meeting here of all the participants in this initiative, as well as some local teachers who might be able to make suggestions.

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