What We’ve Been Up To - Week ending 10/02/2014

The current rotten weather has made those of us at work in the RTH fully appreciate how much the changes in coal prices during the Regency must have affected householders: our beautifully high ceilings and large spaces have given us quite a taste too of how useful  layers of petticoats, stockings, flannel and wool must have been.

Despite the inclement weather,  work in The House goes on. The basement at No. 13 continues to be a site full of activity where each wall has, by now, received its scratch or first plaster coating.   By now the emergence of a large c1840's kitchen is obvious to all.

Now that Mike, the electrician, has joined us, we finally have the chance safely to complete the introduction of new, safe wiring. Mike's job entails building on the work of earlier  electricians who have assisted us in this project.

Winter being traditionally a time for plans, the last Volunteer's meeting gave us our first deadlines.  Planned projects involving the vestibule and entrance, as well as the completion of the Housekeeper's room and wine cellar at No. 10, are now scheduled towards an April deadline for completion. Our Events planners are already in the first stages of organisation for projected Spring events; new groups have been formed for the making of Regency costumes; and preparation made for the introduction of Mrs. Simpson, the Cook, to various schools and institutions.

All this organisation has however, highlighted the need for volunteers to fill specific roles.  We know that many of our Friends have often thought about volunteering but are unsure of what role they could perform, so if anyone is either familiar with the following roles - or would like to be - they would be welcomed with opened arms. We Need: -

1.    A Publicist
2.    A Web Editor
3.    A Web Designer
4.    Someone for P.R. work

Both the MyHouseMyStreet and the VisAge projects are burgeoning, expanding and involving a lot of research.  These are very large undertakings and a lot of fascinating research into historical records such as old newspapers, legal documents, books and extant publications, is involved.  So anyone who likes to immerse themselves in bygone days is invited to come and join in.

Following the success of our last outing, the RTH volunteers are going to visit the British Library this week and will follow this up with a walk through nearby Georgian London. With the accompaniment of Geoff, our volunteer architect, and of Nick our knowledgeable curator, volunteers are sure to uncover some salient and fascinating aspects of the period with which we are engaged: which is one of the great rewards for anyone volunteering their time to the RTH.

Faye, who is one of our volunteers,  has posted four rather unusual pictures of some of the features of the RTH.  Some of you may realise immediately what and where they are; others might like to try to identify these next time they are in The House, but for the rest: answers in next week's newsletter.

Photo 1

Photo 1 of 4 from RTH, can you guess where in the House the object is located?

Photo 2

Photo 2 of 4 from RTH, can you guess where in the House the object is located?

Photo 3

Photo 3 of 4 from RTH, can you guess where in the House the object is located?

Photo 4

Photo 4 of 4 from RTH, can you guess where in the House the object is located?