8 Feb 1825

My dear Charlotte,

I have to acknowledge your kind letter of the 1st - You seem to partake of more sunshine at Brighton than we get here where it is rather rare- The Weather has been so stormy that I was not on horse back for some days untill yesterday.

11 Sep 1824

Dear Charlotte

A double letter arrived two days ago, to which I am desired to reply - this is so sad upon me, who might with some reason say that I was discharged from service by Mrs Lady, who had no further occasion for my services.

3 Sep 1824

My dear Richd,

If I had known that the old fellows were taking wing to Brighton, I would have smuggled in a line or two, but your father is squeamish about putting regular letters into carriage baskets, so it must be an open note, next opportunity, and not a nonsense Epistle, and could a Trin, Col, Cam. smile at such trifling?

Sunday, 1820s?

My dearest Richard,

I thank you for your letter, and assure you I had not, even in thought, once accused you of neglect, and tho’ I shall always take the greatest delight in receiving a letter from you, when you feel in a humour to chat with me freely...


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