Lyndsay Cooper

Photo of Lyndsay Cooper, volunteerHistoric building conservator

I first came to the Regency Town House in 2007. I had been unwell and hadn’t worked for 2 years. I wanted to do something to rebuild my confidence and regain a sense of purpose. Most of all I wanted to work with my hands. I enquired at the volunteer centre and they pointed me in the direction of the Regency Town House.

I fell in love with the building and the annex basement straight away and I quickly discovered that Nick (the curator) and the team, and the volunteers were a friendly and fascinating bunch. Students from overseas and local people with time to spare came to share their skills with the project. I preferred to get involved with the practical side of things and in the first year I learned about the principles of conservation; lime mortars and plasters; archiving and storing historical artefacts and even picked up some photography skills. By now I realised that I wanted to make a career in Historic Building Conservation. 

Stone carving by volunteer, Lyndsay CooperI started working full time in 2008 at The Royal Pavilion (just meeting and greeting at the front door, but a start nonetheless) and now I am a self-employed Historic Building Conservator, and I plan to study for a Diploma in Stonemasonry in September. When I am between jobs I always come back to the Regency Town House to get involved in restoration work or practice some stone carving. I have made some good friends here and the warm, informal atmosphere has always been a positive refuge from days spent unemployed.

Lyndsay Cooper, volunteer