Cristina Pascual

Photo of Cristina Pascual, volunteer 3D architectural modeller

I greatly enjoy life in Brighton & Hove. The sea provides magnificent images every day and, to the north, is the wonderful countryside that's locally called the South Downs, ideal for walking during the weekend.  Another great feature of the city is the Royal Pavilion, an extraordinary confection of Indian and Chinese design produced for the Prince Regent some 200 years ago. The architecture in the Lanes, by contrast, is modest but none the less delightful - lots of narrow streets with interesting shops and pubs!

Section of google map showing Logrono

I was born and raised in Logroño, a medium sized town in La Rioja, Spain. My tertiary level education was at the University of Navarra where I studied architecture. In the summer of 2012 I graduated and since the autumn of last year I have lived and worked in Brighton & Hove; spending the last seven months at The Regency Town House Heritage Centre.

At the Town House I work as an architect developing plans and 3D models of the historic areas of the city using AutoCAD and SketchUp. Our goal is to provide local people with an understanding of how the town of Brighton developed through the 18th and 19th centuries and, in particular, how the Brunswick Town estate was constructed.  

It's been wonderful to build the model showing Brunswick's evolution, especially that part of the work that has involved re-colouring the estate to show its 1820s finish.

My goal is now to find a long-term job in England where I can develop my architectural skills and, hopefully, indulge my model-making interests.  Obviously, I'd like to stay local but I recognise that this might not be possible, as I will need to go where the work takes me!  Whatever happens, I'll always have a soft spot for 'Dr Brighton' and I'm sure I'll be back to see him on a regular basis.

Produced: April 2013.
Cristina Pascual - volunteer