Meet some of our wonderful volunteers, and find out what they do here and why they do it...

Chris Nichols Chris Nichols - volunteer

MyHouseMyStreet researcher

"I can indulge an enthusiasm for local history, for some rigorous research to keep me intellectually active and questioning, and I can hopefully pass on some of my teaching experience and knowledge."


Cristina Pascual Cristina Pascual - volunteer

3D architectural modeller

"I came to Brighton and found a great project focusing on local heritage, I've now spent several months developing a set of 3D models that illustrate how the town developed over the last 200 years."


Ellen Scaife Ellen Scaife, volunteer

Librarian and archivist

"As a result of this work, I decided to study for an archives qualification, and in 2012 I obtained a Masters in Archive Administration."


Gilly Burton Gilly Burton, volunteer

MyHouseMyStreet researcher, Denman enthusiast

"The variety of things that are achievable here, plus a continuous flow of like-minded volunteers, have kept me interested for three years or so."


Lyndsay Cooper Lyndsay Cooper, volunteer

Historic building conservator

"I wanted to do something to rebuild my confidence and regain a sense of purpose. Most of all I wanted to work with my hands."