Document transcriber

Poster of occupancy data for My House My StreetAs part of the MyHouseMyStreet project, we are in the process of transcribing hundreds of historical hand-written Census Returns and printed local directories dating from the 1780s.

We hold annual street exhibitions in September, displaying posters of the historical occupancy data we have processed. In time the transcriptions will contribute to an online database, providing a wonderful resource for researchers and those interested in local history.

Some volunteers enjoy the transcribing for its own sake, while others like to combine it with researching the history of the street they are transcribing. You may find a particular person or occupation leaps out at you as an element for further research, or you may enjoy building up the picture of the street or area over time from the data alone.

You need:

  • Good attention to detail. Accuracy is key.
  • A reasonable command of the English language.
  • Basic computer skills. We input the data to Excel, and use the web to research terms.
  • An interest in the social history of Brighton & Hove.