Cataloguing assistant

We hold a variety of collections requiring cataloguing. At present, we are especially interested in working with an architectural drawings collection and the components of a large 3D ornament archive.

The bulk of the Denman architectural archive is held by the Royal Institute of British Architects' British Drawings Collection. Here at the Town House though, we do retain a small collection of the family's work relating in particular to their Sussex-based projects.

In the 3D ornament realm we hold several collections, some focused on national and others on local design heritage. We are always keen to recruit people who would like to assist us maintain and develop these resources.

You might join our Denman team to simply learn a little more about the traditional practices of architecture, or about local buildings. Alternatively, you may be keen to gain skills that develop a professional cataloguing capability. Our 3D ornament group has already made a good start, creating a database of our collections, now we are keen to migrate information to our website.

You need:

  • Good attention to detail. Accuracy is key
  • Good English skills and a willingness to learn about the grammar of ornament
  • Basic computer skills
  • An interest in design/history