Duo MaLí

Duo MaLí are Maria Gibson on guitar and Lisa De Simone on violin.

They are both from Brighton and were due to play a recital at The Regency Town House that was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope to reschedule their performance for a date in 2021. In the meantime, they have very kindly sent greetings from lockdown and video of clips from a recent recital in Lewes for us to enjoy.



The clips are, in order:

Quebra Queixco  by Chelso Machado

Pacoca  by Chelso Machado

Candombe  by Maximo Diego Pujol

Café  by Astor Piazzolla

Bachiana Brazileira n5  by H. Villa Lobos 

Liberango  by Astor Piazzolla

Piazza Vittorio  by Chelso Machado


1, 2 & 7 are Choros, upbeat and happy typical Brazilian music with a big African influence.

3   is from the Argentinian composer Pujiol. A Condombe is a folk dance from Uruguay, mainly performed at Carnival.

4   a tango from the History of Tango collection originally written for flute and guitar. This is a 1930s tango, a more musical and romantic tango.

5   a beautiful Villa Lobos masterpiece originally written for 8 cellos and soprano. The lyrics are a delicate tribute to nature.

6   another Piazzollaa's tango. Very well known, with spicy rhythms and a fiendish melody. This is one of the forefront of the modern tango. 


Facebook: Duo MaLí

We'd love to hear what you think about the recital. Please comment, praise or criticise, but abusive comments will not be published.


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Be safe, keep well, we hope to see you when the Town House reopens.


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