Never boring: Silhouette Exhibition, Brighton Photo Fringe, Electrics in the basement.

Another new intern joined us this Monday - and will be with us until March 2015. Alina has only just finished High School and will go on to study Media and Design at University. So our “United Nations” is now complete: we have 1 Spanish, 4 Italian and, now, 2 German interns bringing us their enthusiasm and creativity.

What they are all involved in at the moment is copying those wonderful silhouettes we had on show at our Exhibition. Once all is complete the information will be converted into seperate modules. Schools, libraries, museums and organisations can access as much or as little of the original display as would suit them, and stage independent presentations of all or part of the exhibition.

Nick, our Curator, estimated that around one and a half thousand people came to the Exhibition when we staged it, so its value has already been proven.

If anyone came along to the Film Evenings over the last fortnight, you'll be pleased to hear (I hope!) that, while it didn't nett us thousands, it has already enabled us to hire a skip for a day. While this may sound too pedestrian to be exciting; to anyone working downstairs it is welcome and long-awaited news. It has become vital to start ridding our construction spaces of decades of accumulated detritus which is now completely in the way as we continue to progress.

And progress is going on in leaps and bounds in the basement kitchen at No. 13. On Friday – ahead of schedule – our worker bees finished the electrical installation. There is much elation with the completion of this step which is going to make such a huge difference to us all. From a personal point of view, I am thrilled that, with winter blowing towards us, this will be the first time any of us involved in structural work will have not only lighting, but warmth. On some winter days in the past, the temperature in the basement has been so low that plastering has to be halted.

Another giant step in the kitchen at No. 13 is the completion of the arch in the kitchen wall. The first step in this process started a couple of months ago with the bashing down of a wall which had been used to brick up the arched space between kitchen and scullery. The fact that we have progressed from mattock and destruction to the appearance of a smooth, arched space so quickly is a source of constant pleasure.

This Saturday evening sees the launch of our most recent installation by the Brighton Photo Fringe:-

The kitchen at No.10 has been completely transformed and will host a presentation by Nadege Meriau and Emma Critchley. I don't want to give the game away – but this promises to be a really intriguing site.

Up in No. 13 there is much hammering and banging as the dining area is structured to showcase the works of Peter Watkins. This is Watkins first solo exhibition and we are delighted that the Townhouse has been chosen as the venue for this event.

In the room behind the dining room – the library – there will be a projection of work by the photographers who were shortlisted for the Open14. On Sunday there will be free panel discussion involving the artist. Daniel Blight and trainee BPF Curators. The discusion will start at 11.30 and all are welcome.

Finally: we have news of what promises to be a very popular talk to be given by Dr. Sue Berry of the Regency Society. The talk is entitled "The Royal Pavilion and its Grounds - from Lodging House to Public Ownership, c. 1780-1855”. Dr. Berry will commence with the story of Kemp's lodging house and will “look at how the estate developed and ended with the sale to Brighton and the impact on the palace we see today. (from the web-site.) Details will be posted next week.

So there we have it: another week in the life of the Regency Town House and some of its news.

Just in case anyone ever thought involvement in history was a boring occupation.

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