What We've Been Up To. Week(s) Ending 14th March

The dearth of information over the last weeks has not been caused because of a lack of progress at the RTH.  Lack of news has been due to the fact that moving, sourcing furniture and appliances,  and waiting for workmen has taken up much more of my time than it should have –  and no internet connection has yet been installed in the building to which I have moved. It would be rather comforting to think that the entire world came to a standstill due to this momentous move, but it palpably did not. And  so: -

  • ·         The appearance of new volunteers has continued and total numbers increased to a stage where a little reorganisation has been called for.  The usually inclusive weekly Thursday meetings have now spawned  separate group sessions directly after the general meeting. This signals not only new energies brought to bear on existing projects, but is generating a plethora of innovative, organisational and communicative ideas.
  • ·         For anyone who doesn’t yet know: - there will be a Bric a Brac sale at The House on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend (15th & 16th March).  Even if you feel no urge to invest in either bric nor brac, why not  come along and introduce yourself as a Friend of the RTH? Who knows: - you might, at the same time, catch sight of something you need. (There is, for example, a brilliant craft-pillow and an instrument to make bags – both unusual but necessary to items for anyone involved in craftwork.)
  • ·         Our film nights start again next month.  Last year, tracing the history of Brighton’s film industry through early films and clips opened many people’s eyes to how Brighton film history was actually worldwide film history.  This year, later films made in Brighton will feature.
  • ·         Last month’s field trip to the British Library to view their Georgian exhibit was such an enjoyable success that many volunteers have expressed their willingness for more of these kinds of trips.  Not only does the idea of examining artefacts, architecture, art, textiles and letters appeal, but the social activity of being involved with other volunteers helps to bind us all together.
  • ·         Accordingly a smaller group of us will be going up to the V & A next week to view a privately shown exhibit put on by the Clothworkers Centre for Textiles.
  • ·         One of our carpentering volunteers who was engaged on recreating a Regency Silhouette chair managed,  with some valuable assistance, to have it finished in time for the Silhouette Workshop held at The House during the Science Fair. The pantograph chair and attached pantograph and screen, was a faithful copy of those used during the Regency and will be of great use in future exhibitions.
  • ·         There is a demand, at the moment, for images of pre-1900 life.  These could take the form of movies, photos, advertisements or fashion plates. Such images are of great importance for those involved upon the innovative VisAge project mentioned previously in the RTH Newsletter.
  • ·         Great excitement for those working at the house: - there will soon be electricity down in the basement floor of No.13. Fortuitously, one of our new volunteers is an electrician whose project is to connect the entire lower ground floor. Once this is done more plans for the Library and proposed workshop area below stairs can go ahead.
  • ·         The relevant area, at No.10, is still called the housekeeper’s room. The restoration work there is also advancing at a steady pace with one set of shutters completely finished this week, and the other close to completion. Floorboards have now been sourced, cleaned and cut to size.

·         Finally a reminder: The House Guidebook, packed with information not just about this house, but with broader application to the period, is available to all at a cost of £5.00.





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