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Bilby and I had a bit of a breakthrough this week. We managed to trace ALL the wires for the power points. We diverted one cable and pulled in another cable that had been missed out.

I have bought a cable-tracker and it was a lot quicker than using just a multimeter. We connected the wires to form a ring and tested, all seems OK. Next we have to install conduit and then sort out the light circuits.


Our next job is to measure and order the conduit and Egatube required. Soon we will be fixing the power point boxes in place. The power point installation is to be followed by sorting out the cabling for the lights and switches.



This week we put in place a cable drop needed for the last power point on the ring. We checked the quantities of items needed, to install the ring main cables into the walls in the training room. The two cellars are to be wired in conduit on the surface. A fair bit of clearing out of both cellars is required.
Arranged with Phil for the payment for these electrical items. I have visited Wicks and ToolStation. I found that Wicks have more of what we require.
We are also starting to think about the switching of the lights in the entrance corridor to the training room. What is shown on our drawing does not seem to be the best option. We plan to talk to Nick when he returns from holiday about this.
Basement very cold and damp despite the sun shinning on the tarp covering the skylight.

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