What We've Been Up To. Week ending 16th February

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 16/02/2014

In spite of threatened railway line closure and disrupted travel plans, the proposed visit to the British Library successfully took place on Wednesday

 Entitled Georgians Revealed, the exhibition we went to see is one that would interest many Brightonians: it opens up aspects of the same society whose enthusiastic migration and visits established Brighton as one of the most popular venues of the Regency period.

This particular exhibition closes on March 11 and provides a rather good excuse for a trip up to London for those who would like to learn more about our own Regency Town House; or about the Georgian/Regency period in general.

So much has work in the kitchen of No.13 progressed that another pallet of lime plaster was delivered on Thursday. For anyone who thinks that volunteering only involves making plans and drinking endless cups of tea this delivery may have been an eye-opener.

Some of those involved in the plastering project having left after being offered permanent work, we were short of people to help us unload and store the thousand kilos of wet, sticky product – before the rain started again.

However Kali, our newest Intern; Swiss Intern Carolina; and Bilby, a volunteer from Northern Europe, were coerced to come down from their computers on the top floor and get involved at ‘grass roots’ level! With three of the men filling buckets a chain gang was formed to carry the products down and unload it.

In fact, measured against our original chute system, or the next, ‘bagging’ system (shovelling product into black garbage bags which invariable split), our primitive Chain Gang turned out to be the quickest and most efficient system to date. Girl Power, anyone?

As mentioned in passing, a new Intern has just started. On her first day it was realised that she shares a first name with Carolina who has been with us for the last month. Accordingly Karoline from Dresden is to be known as Kali and Carolina from Switzerland gets to keep her full name. Hopefully both girls will enjoy their time here – not just at work in The House but living in Brighton and discovering what it has to offer.

On the 11th and 12th of March there will be a Bric a Brac sale at The House. There were some marvellous bargains at the last sale – so no doubt this sale will also present some treasures. Do keep in mind that those old curtains or purple shelves you’ve always hated might be exactly what someone else is looking for and that any donations of either bric or brac will be welcomed.

The Regency enactments that have been staged at the RTH have always proved popular so our ‘costumiers’ are currently busy making clothes. Previously costumes have been gratefully rented, but with talented sewers and designers to hand the first two ‘in-house’ costumes will hopefully be ready the next time a performance is staged.

Finally – for anyone who will be visiting the Science Fair – keep an eye out for Nick Tyson, the Curator of RTH, who will be demonstrating both the art of the silhouette, and plaster moulding.


Last weeks pics: -

1. 20th Century chandelier – first floor landing

2. Fret-cut stair decoration - staircases

3.Stained glass Overlight - foyer 

4. Part of the plaster anthemion and urn frieze in the front room

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