Covid-19, safe room limits

Guidance from the Museums Association, based on that by HM Government

Museums in England will be able to host tour groups of up to 30 people but must still abide by the Rule of Six, according to the latest update from the UK Government.

This means that each group on the tour must consist of no more than six people, unless it is a family group or supportive bubble. Social distancing must be respected at all times between groups, so that if a person is in a group of six, they must stay within that group at all times and cannot join another group or mingle with other individuals or groups.

Within groups of six, social distancing rules must be respected if the people in the group are not from the same household or support bubble. Because tour guides are working, they do not need to be counted towards the numerical limit.

Room limits

We have worked out room limits based 2m distancing, rather than 1m+, while also requiring visitors to further mitigate risk by wearing a facemask. The room limits do not include any hallways, corridors, landings or stairs, which are free circulation spaces and not included when calculating the overall floor or building limit.

Note that these numbers are maxima and will be adjusted downwards depending on the nature of the event, room layout and attendance. 

Room limits for Town House
Drawing rooms, 17
First floor not to exceed 17 people.

Dining room, 10
Parlour, 5
Volunteers' room, 5
Ground floor not to exceed 20 people.

Housekeeper's room, 5
Servants' hall, 4
Kitchen, 7
This floor not to exceed 16 people.

Room limits for Basement Annexe
Housekeeper's room, 5
Servants' hall, 5
Kitchen, 7
This whole space not to exceed 17 people.

Plan of the rooms in the Town House showing 2m circles to represent visitor spacing

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