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13th What We’ve Been Up To Week Ending 25/05/2014

As people return from their attempts to beat the crowds (if not the weather)with quick breaks before the school holiday onslaught, our meeting room last week was once again very full. Added to the numbers of regular volunteers, our overseas interns (currently there are six of them)have also decided that it would both help their English and keep them au fait with the full spectrum of  Town House activities, to swell our numbers at each meeting.  Everyone is very happy to have them – though it might just have us seeking a larger space for future gatherings.

12th What We've Been Up To.Weeks Ending 18/05/2014


We always have mixed feelings when one of the volunteers moves on; even though, in most cases, they are going to take up permanent work or to broaden their horizons. This is what has happened to long-time supporter Jill Hepplewhite who is moving to London with her husband. Jill has always been an integral part of all the events put on at the Town House and we shall miss her. We wish her and her husband all the best.

What We've Been Up To. Week Ending 04/05/2014

The Easter Break saw most of our volunteers taking a well-earned rest as the weather becomes milder.  By now, however, people have returned eager to keep up the momentum that has engendered all the recent progress at the Town House.

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 12/04/2014

Something we discovered last week to our delight was that, at The Keep, there is a comprehensive archive concerning The Regency Town House.  

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 06/04/2014

This has been a somewhat disjointed week at the RTH, and one in which we have finalised a lot of ‘housekeeping’ business.
Perhaps it may, at first, seem of  little interest to anyone not actually working in the RTH nevertheless, in keeping with the object of this column, comes the news that we have formalised a lot of the project work aims; have outlined work paradigms; formulated new roles; and set out deadlines for individual projects.

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 30/03/2014

Sadly, this week saw us bidding farewell to three of our volunteers at the RTH.  Natalie England and Rebecca Khurshid have moved on to paid work, while Carolina Sanchez, an intern from Switzerland, has come to the end of her Work Overseas period.  All three have been working on the silhouette project mentioned in earlier blogs.  Taking all the information from the seminal McKechnie encyclopedia, as well as every issue of the silhouette newsletter, and turning it all into what is probably the largest data base for silhouettes online, was a huge undertaking.

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 23/03/2014

As the weather turns to spring and days are already longer, there is much bustle in the RTH. 
Nick, our Curator, is back from his overseas trip and has professed himself delighted with the progress that has been made in his absence. This includes: -
The work in the housekeeper’s room at No.10 mentioned last week.

What We've Been Up To. Week(s) Ending 14th March

The dearth of information over the last weeks has not been caused because of a lack of progress at the RTH.  Lack of news has been due to the fact that moving, sourcing furniture and appliances,  and waiting for workmen has taken up much more of my time than it should have –  and no internet connection has yet been installed in the building to which I have moved. It would be rather comforting to think that the entire world came to a standstill due to this momentous move, but it palpably did not. And  so: -

What We've Been Up To. Week ending 16th February

What We’ve Been Up To - Week Ending 16/02/2014

In spite of threatened railway line closure and disrupted travel plans, the proposed visit to the British Library successfully took place on Wednesday

 Entitled Georgians Revealed, the exhibition we went to see is one that would interest many Brightonians: it opens up aspects of the same society whose enthusiastic migration and visits established Brighton as one of the most popular venues of the Regency period.

What We’ve Been Up To - Week ending 10/02/2014

The current rotten weather has made those of us at work in the RTH fully appreciate how much the changes in coal prices during the Regency must have affected householders: our beautifully high ceilings and large spaces have given us quite a taste too of how useful  layers of petticoats, stockings, flannel and wool must have been.


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