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What do the German Romantics, Palaeolithic cave paintings and Apollo 11 all have in common?

Never boring: Silhouette Exhibition, Brighton Photo Fringe, Electrics in the basement.

Another new intern joined us this Monday - and will be with us until March 2015. Alina has only just finished High School and will go on to study Media and Design at University.

Shutting the doors on the Silhouette & Costume Exhibition.

It was with mixed feelings that we finally shut the doors on our Silhouette and Costumes Exhibition after 7 weeks.

A potted history of the basement Kitchen.

There have been frequent references in this column to the on-going work in the kitchen of the Town House.

Fabulous Historical Costumes on display.

Week Ending 07/09/2014

Summer at the Regency Town House

Summer in the Regency Town House is always a very busy and febrile season.

Winning an Award! 29/06/2014

The Regency Town House has won a national award!

Large Arch Revealed in Basement Kitchen! 22/06/2014

As mentioned last week, Isis Gallery is once more using the Town House as the site for one of its exhibitions, Time for Magic by Jamie Reid.

16th What We’ve Been Up To. Week Ending 15/06/2014

With the Summer, our busiest season at the Town House is upon us. For the next three months there will be constant activity for everyone associated with The Regency Town House.

15th What We’ve Been Up To. Week Ending 08/06/2014

This last week we were joined by a 16 year old schoolgirl in the office. Kimberly is in Year 11 and chose the Town House to be her work experience venue.


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