Autumn Exhibitions

5 artists, 3 exhibitions, 1 venue

16 - 24 September 2017, 12.00 - 6.00pm
Admission free

The Regency Town House Autumn Exhibitions occupy two floors of the Town House and its Basement Annexe, featuring artworks by Sussex artists Rachel Cohen, Yvonne J Foster, Deborah Petch, Rachel Redfern and Jim Sanders.
(Wheelchair access is by ramp to the ground floor only.)

Poster featuring three exhibitions


Artists: Yvonne J Foster, Deborah Petch and Rachel Redfern

The aim of the Arts Council-funded Insight Partnership is to bring together artists from different creative backgrounds in order to experience each other’s ways of working, learn from each other and explore the connection between arts and health.

The exhibition includes drawn and painted pieces that celebrate the differences and similarities between the artists, contrasting huge panoramic ‘Inkscapes’ with miniature drawn artworks and much in between.

A sculptural memorial to the Primitive.

Artist: Jim Sanders

Using found objects, altered masks and religious iconography, Jim will be exhibiting a ten-foot high shrine-like installation. Celebrating and commemorating the Primitive as we are separated further from our animal and spiritual roots in an age of advancing information technology.

Works include 'Wall of Cards', a patchwork of imagery drawn, mainly in transit, on antique books, documents, envelopes, flyers and packaging; ‘Table tops', the marks made as a by-product of the creative act, along with spontaneous doodles, drips, stains and notes - the accidental diary of a working artist; 'Songs without Words' / 'Now that we Live in the World', inspired by forms found in mythological, spiritual, religious and historical imagery, this large-scale immersive abstract work combines symbols, patterns, sculptures, carvings and fabrics to represent Man making his mark on the Earth over time.

Basement Annexe: HOUSE KEEPING

Artist: Rachel Cohen

A collection of work that describes and remembers an old house where Rachel spent childhood holidays and returned only infrequently as an adult.

A conversation between this solitary 17th-century farmhouse set in the midst of desolate moorland where farmers scratched a meager living and the chilly basement rooms that were the domain of domestic servants who toiled beneath a Regency town house. Both places layered with the traces of past lives and recent ones.

Works include paintings, photographs, video records of performance and saved objects that evoke themes of work and domesticity, family and solitude, memory and change.